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By: Colin Curtis, Adhvaith Vijay

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Here at Research@DataRes we always try to push the limits of deep learning and keep up to date with all the developments in the field. While there is no doubt that the advancements in the academic side of recent ML research is very impressive, there is little real world application for these models unless they can be deployed in a production environment. This is why for our latest project we decided to make sure we can integrate our final model with a deployable application that anyone can use.

Computer Vision (CV) has without a…

By: Samantha Chung (Project Lead), Annie Li, Shreesh Karjagi, and Isha Shah

Source: Flickr


The COVID — 19 Vaccination distribution is not just a medical issue, but also a social and political issue across the world. In this article, we are curious about the possible economic and political connections that vaccine distribution is associated with. Questions such as: Is there a particular preference for the type of vaccine? How do the number of vaccinations in different countries differ, and why? Through various visualizations and analysis, we hope to answer these questions in a data-based manner.

Because COVID 19 vaccination is often regional…

By: Sivaji Turimella (Project Lead), Brandon Zhao, Robi Chatterjee, Kevin Hahn, Matthew Maemura

Source: IStockPhoto


Gone are the old days of hoping to meet your soulmate at the bar or your local bar or coffee shop. Instead, online dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid have become increasingly popular as a source of meeting individuals, and the number of people using these apps continues to grow. Rather paradoxically, though, as more and more people start using these apps, it could actually become harder to meet other people. After all, how can you make your profile stand out among millions of others?


By: Alan Wang (Project Lead), Rebecca Xu, Siddarth Chalasani

Source: The Ringer


The NBA, or the National Basketball Association, is composed of 30 men’s basketball teams across the US and Canada. These teams are geographically categorized into the East and West Conferences. Every season, each team’s wins and losses are tallied and they’re organized into a bracket based on their winning percentages. These are called “seeds”. The top winning team is called “first seed”, the second winning team is “second seed”, and so on. At the end of the season, the top eight seeds from each conference are eligible to compete for the…

By: Luke Rivers (Project Lead), Ashley Lu, Ben Brill, Hyerin Lee


We have all wondered at one point or another whether there is life out there in the universe, or if we are alone. The Kepler mission is a step in finding out the answer to that question. The Kepler telescope was launched in 2009 [1] with the goal of identifying exoplanets orbiting other stars, some of which could be in what is referred to as a ‘habitable zone’ in which temperatures are similar to Earth and could therefore have liquid water and potentially support life.

The Kepler telescope follows…

By: Nicole Lam (Project Lead), Kuan-Ting (Andrew) Chen, Kayla Teng, Paige Lee, Joshua Li


We’ve all seen the cliche hundreds of times by now. Mom has to leave, so Grandpa comes to visit. “No sweets,” Mom says, but as soon as she walks out the door, Grandpa turns around and winks. Fast forward a few minutes and the children are enjoying the creamy, sugary goodness of ice cream. Take a walk to any local grocery store, and you’ll be sure to find an entire aisle dedicated to the dairy dessert, but have you ever wondered which of the plethora of…

By: Yixin Chen (Project Lead), Charisse Hung, Tianlang Ouyang, Shiyu Ma, Daphne Chen

Analyzing the Impact of COVID-19 on Global Education


As students during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve experienced firsthand the challenges of online learning over the past year. We wanted to analyze how countries across the globe handled education during the pandemic, and how it affected students. Additionally, we placed an emphasis on income and the impact of school closures on different countries.

Dataset Overview

For our project, we used data from the Center for Global Development (CGD). CGD’s COVID-19 Education Policy Tracker provides information on school closures and reopening following…

By: Dara Tan (Project Lead), Jeffrey Yang, Giselle Kurniawan, Austin Pham, Natanael Wijaya

Analyzing Different Music Charts with the Spotify API

Mask Image by Darius Dan


As music and the music industry have evolved over the last half-century, so too have the measures used to quantify the success of a song. For instance, Billboard charts, which have been in existence since July 1940, once ranked songs based on record and sheet sales, disk jockey, and jukebox performances, but have since been updated to base rankings on sales, radio airplay, digital downloads and streaming activity instead.

As a group, we were curious about how charts which…

By: Avishek Ghosh(Project Lead), Sudhanshu Agrawal, Angelina Kim, Zoey Meng, Cyrus Ho

An investigation of the best-selling products on Amazon, and drawing a comparison to its competitor Walmart.

Source: Seattle Times


With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many stores to shut down, people realized the convenience and comfort of shopping on online retailers such as Amazon over a physical store. Our team was interested in analyzing the Kaggle dataset containing information for over 2 million products that were classified as ‘Best Seller’ on Amazon. The team also wanted to draw a comparison between Amazon and Walmart using this supplementary dataset.

Most Popular Products within Different Categories

By: Siew Fen Eow (Project Lead), Ovie Soman, Melina Diaz, Naomi Golin


Media, such as music, fashion, and movies, have a significant relationship with society. While pop culture is a reflection of what society values and finds intriguing, the media exposes society to new ideas. Representation of women in the media can bring exposure to a traditionally neglected perspective. In order to explore women’s roles within the film industry, and therefore the women’s representation in society, we decided to analyze Kaggle datasets with movie information, including their Bechdel test rating. In particular, our analysis focused on how the pass-fail rate…

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